Company Directors

Paul B&W

Paul Gallagher

Paul founded and was CEO of Euroscript Ltd an EU MEDIA programme [96-02] developing feature scripts with writers and EU production companies, including: Little Ashes, 2008, and  DuCain’s Boys, Mermaids & Money Troubles, Dark Rosaleen, Heart and Soul. He was an independent script consultant on features Starred Up, 2013, and Desiree, 2016. He was editor of Screenwriter magazine, has had stories and poetry published, including Dancing in the Waves [Mer, 2009].

He is Academic Advisor and lecturer on MA Screenwriting, Birkbeck College, University of London and has helped many new writers and directors into the industry. He has delivered talks at International Film Festivals in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, London, Lisbon, as well as sitting on International Film Festival juries and funding panels in Portugal and UK.


Phil B&W

Phil Falato

Phil Falato has over 25 years experience in business and a passion for film. Drawing on his extensive experience in digital strategy, multi-channel distribution and agile development, Phil supports the development of film projects from script to screen by attracting investors, raising finance, guiding production and securing distribution routes.

Phil’s previous roles have included leading multi-million pound investment programmes in the UK financial services sector. He has held a number of leadership positions in both digital start-ups as well as established companies. These have included Vice President for UK Financial Services at Capgemini, Partner at Fujitsu UK and Director at Ernst & Young UK.